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Educator ™
Pelvic Floor Indicator

A simple visual indicator of muscle strength and symmetry that provides visual feedback by moving downward to indicate if exercise is being performed correctly.

· Light weight and ergonomically designed for ease of use and comfort
· The direction of wand movement instantly provides an indication of which muscle groups are being used through squeeze and asymmetry.

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Ladycare ™
Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Lady Care Vaginal Weights provide simple but extremely effective assistance in identifying the pelvic floor muscles to exercise them correctly. The Ladycare Pelvic Floor Exerciser is biofeedback in its simplest form. No electronic instrumentation or electric requirements.

· Increases strength & endurance
· Set of 4 sizes: 20-60 Grams
· Magnets inside the weights shift the balance for self-positioning and maximum effect

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