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MicroCare II

Microcurrent delivers sub-sensory microamperage stimulation that is more biocompatible with the body’s own electrical system for better pain relief.

· Modes: Microcurrent and Milliampere Current
· Four Selectable Pulse Rates
· Flip Cover for Control Panel and Battery
· Analog Dual Channel Amplitude Controls
· 9 Volt Battery

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High Volt Pulsed Current (HVPC) Stimulation is a well-documented traditional therapy for the treatment of pain, muscle spasm, increasing range-of-motion and increasing local blood circulation.

· Twin-peaked monophasic waveform
· Dual Channel with a Shared Dispersive Pad
· Analog Amplitude Control
· Modes: Continuous or Alternating
· A/C Adapter and 9 Volt Battery included

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