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Make sure both channels are turned off.  Insert the pin connector to electrode socket or electrode wire. When inserting or removing the pin connector, grasp the actual connector, not the wire to prolong lead life.  Leave the lead wire plugged into the unit when not in use.  If it is necessary to remove the lead wire, grip the plug firmly and pull straight out.


Battery Usage and Replacement
Be sure you are using a fresh alkaline or a fully charged rechargeable battery.  Alkaline and Lithium batteries have the best usage time.  NiCad batteries have a significantly shorter usage time.  Insert the battery in the compartment following the battery diagram in the compartment.  The battery should be removed from the device and stored separately, if the device will not be used for some time.


Helpful Hints for Hydrogel Electrode Users

Proper skin and electrode care will provide better stimulation, extend electrode life, and increase electrode adhesion.

Preparing the Skin

Always wash the skin application site with soap and water, using a washcloth. Dry the area with a towel prior to placing electrodes on the skin. Never use alcohol, oil, or creams on the skin where the electrodes are to be placed.

Rehydrating the Hydrogel Adhesive

The patient should always check the electrode hydrogel for tackiness prior to use. Gently touch the gel surface with fingertip. If the gel does not readily stick to the finger, run a finger under tap water, shake off excess water and rub over the gel surface. Continue with this process until the entire gel surface has been completely rehydrated. The electrodes are ready for the following skin preparation.

Over-Saturation of the Hydrogel Adhesive

This occurs when a hydrogel electrode becomes too saturated with moisture and has reached it’s “saturation point”.  If not properly taken care of, the life expectancy of the electrode will be reduced. The electrodes should be removed from patient’s skin and allowed to air dry. Place electrodes on the plastic liner and store. The most common reason that electrodes become over-saturated: a) perspiration, b) hot, humid environment, c) excessive addition of water to re-hydrate the gel surface.

Electrode Care

Electrode gel surface should be kept free of lint and oil to maximize its life. To remove excess lint and oil, run a finger under tap water, shake off excess water and rub over the gel surface.

Alternating Electrode Use

At least once every 24 hours, or more often if exposed to high heat or humidity, remove the electrodes and attach another pair from the re-sealable pouch. Return the electrodes you remove from your skin into the re-sealable pouch and allow them to rest until the next electrode change. Alternating between sets of electrodes on a regular basis and allowing them to rest in the pouch between applications will greatly extend their life.

Storing Electrodes

Electrodes should be returned to their plastic liner and placed in the enclosable storage bag. It is best to store electrodes in a cool dry place, such as a refrigerator, to avoid exposure of the hydrogel to heat and humidity.

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